The Art of living life through yoga

Perhaps people have understood the meaning of yoga only as an exercise, yogasana, pranayama, or physical activity. But if we could understand yoga deeply and extract its true meaning, we would have made it the greatest achievement of life. Through yoga, we not only attain physical, mental, and physical exaltation, but by making our way of life happy and prosperous, we can give complete goals to the whole family and can also touch the peak of spirituality.
Whenever I organize any yoga camp, I inspire all the campers to uplift their life along with yoga. In my speech, I also teach the art of living with yoga, so that the seekers can imbibe it.
It is a law that what we think, so happens in the body. For example, we see that as soon as we get angry, our expressions start happening in the same way. The eyebrows are raised blood circulation increases. The muscles are stretched. The accumulated energy in the body is wasted unnecessarily, which increases mental stress. The environment around us also gets spoiled. Our image gets spoiled and negativity enters. A type of poison is produced in the harmful body. Being angry all the time reduces the immunity of the body, due to which the body soon becomes weak and becomes easily diseased. Many things happen to us in life. We suffer from physical and mental diseases and become financially weak. So our friends are made in the same way. Sometimes bad habits are also formed, such as addiction. It also fades glowing faces. We take diet, but its positive effect on the body is not seen. Day by day the condition gets worse. Families break up, children do not become cultured.

Scientific Reasons For The Benefits Of Yoga Asanas

Benefits of yogic subtle exercises, yogic macro exercises, wind-free group, air restraint, and shakti bandha activities
- There is stiffness in the body in the morning. The body is not ready at all for higher trusts. Therefore, by doing light exercise, elasticity, flexibility comes in the limbs and appendages. With light exercise, our joints and joints of the whole body are opened. Blood circulation starts happening in sufficient quantity and there is no problem with further yoga asanas.
There is intensity in the whole body. The body becomes lighter. There is energy in the body. Due to the opening of the articular joints, the air trapped in them escapes from there due to the intensity of blood circulation. The whole body gets a kind of new freshness, consciousness. The rapid flow of blood to the brain makes it active. In this way, from our toe to ankle, calf, knee, thigh, buttocks, appearance, waist, abdomen, back, spine, lungs, fingers of hands, elbows, shoulders, neck, eyes, head, organs of the digestive system, etc. They become active and remove their disorders and give us a healthy body.

Benefits of asanas related to Padmasana and meditation:
By doing Padmasana and related asanas, the energy of our Kundalini chakra is upwards, so by assimilating the energy of Muladhara to Sahastradhar Chakra, we can get all the benefits from them.
By sitting in this state and meditating, we can attain self-realization. By sitting in Padmasana, our spine attains stability; So there is no problem of bending in old age. By sitting in Padmasana, we can sharpen our memory power through meditation and dharnas.

Benefits of asanas related to Vajrasana:
 When we sit in Vajrasana, it strengthens our pelvic region, reproductive organs, and organs of the digestive system by smoothing blood circulation. Provides benefits to many other diseases of the reproductive organ. Such as hernia, laxity, the inability of sperm, piles, enlargement of scrotum, hydrocele, etc. and removes disturbances of menstrual discharge in women.

Benefits of standing asanas: These types of asanas strengthen the calf and thigh muscles, due to which diseases such as arthritis, tremor, calf pain, knee problems, etc. Standing postures also stretch the muscles of the back, due to which they settle.

Benefits of Backward Leaning Asanas: Asanas are performed backward to make our lungs, lungs expand, due to which they store more amount of oxygen and provide youthfulness to our body. By bending back, the muscles of the abdominal region are stretched. Due to which the digestive system is strengthened because the blood reaches in sufficient quantity and their organs also get a good massage.
By bending back, the nerves of our spinal cord are strengthened. The whole body is attached to them. Therefore, correcting their balance, cures diseases like slip disc, sciatica, spondylitis, and many diseases of the spine, etc.

Benefit of Asanas performed by leaning forward: This type of asana causes contraction in the abdominal region, due to which there is more pressure in it. The vertebrae of the back are stretched and the muscles are stimulated. There is a sufficient amount of blood circulation towards the spine. By which he does his work systematically. Due to the contraction and pressure in the abdominal region, the organs of the abdominal region get a good massage. Due to the contraction and pressure in the abdominal region, the organs of the abdominal region get a good massage. Due to which the diseases of the digestive system are destroyed and the organs like kidney, liver, pancreas, etc. remain strong and healthy. to which the diseases of the digestive system are destroyed and the organs like kidney, liver, pancreas, etc. remain strong and healthy.